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i break in two and each piece of me dies

and only you can give the breath of life

she thinks my tractor's sexy
21 May
lets see where should i start...I'm 18 and one of a set of two (i have a twin, his name is Jake), vegan, emo, hardcore, play bass, love going to shows, and lots of other good stuff.

Hopscotch owns!

she thinks my tractor's sexy

I am the mod for hotkidshotnames join bitch!



a love for enemies, a static lullaby, across five aprils, against the grain, alexis on fire, alkaline trio, alli with an i, anatomy of a ghost, armour for sleep, as i lay dying, as the sun sets, at the drive-in, atreyu, bane, beautiful mistake, beloved, ben folds, black cross, black dahlia murder, bleeding through, blindside, blood brothers, bright eyes, bury your dead, call yourself congress, casket lottery, city of caterpillar, coheed and cambria, colson, comeback kid, concisebloc, converge, cool hand luke, copeland, count the stars, counting crows, curl up and die, cursive, darkest hour, days gone, dead poetic, dead to fall, drawn in the sky, embrace today, evergreen terrance, everytime i die, fellway, figure four, forever my first, from autumn to ashes, fugazi, further seems forever, glasseater, glassjaw, goodbye letter, hatebreed, hopesfall, hot rod circuit, if hope dies, instilled, integrity, it dies today, jets to brazil, joshua fit for battle, juliana theory, killing jane, kissing chaos, kite flying society, life in your way, love is red, madball, mars volta, me without you, mercury switch, midtown, mineral, minor threat, misery signals, modern life is war, mortal treason, most precious blood, my epiphany, my hotel year, nirvana, nodes of ranvier, noise ratchet, norma jean, northstar, of means and ends, olivers army, on broken wings, one last hope, planes mistaken for stars, poison the well, pretty girls make graves, remembering never, remembrance, rooney, sadie hawkins, saved by grace, saves the day, scatter the ashes, seconds to sundown, seeking revenge, shadows fall, silverstein, soul embraced, stairwell, starlight mints, straight and alert, straight edge, straylight run, stretch armstrong, suffocate faster, summer melts faster, switchfoot, symphony in peril, taken under, taking back sunday, terror, texas is the reason, that was then, the bled, the daybreak drive, the faint, the get up kids, the hives, the locust, the new amsterdams, the risk taken, the sky between, the smiths, thirty called arson, thrice, through and through, throwdown, thursday, underoath, vegans, walls of jericho, while i breathe, with blood comes beauty, with honor, zao, zebra head